Founded in 1848, Omega have one of the richest and most illustrious history's of all watchmaking companies. With testimonials from a British officer fighting in the Boer war of 1899, to the exploration of space, Omega has been at the very forefront of wristwatch development. Their endurance and technical ability has made them stand out for use by adventurers and the military for over a century. Their robustness proven by the quantity of vintage models available, their style and design credentials by the fact that they still look so good today. Another of our favourites, Omega represent excellent quality, very good investment potential, and a watch that you will pass on with pride to the next generation ( the number of vintage Omega's we service for second, third and even fourth generation owners outweighs any other brand by a long way!) Whether you prefer the elegance of a classic, the sturdiness of a tool watch, or the living history of a military issue piece, Omega covers every eventuality. 

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