What does a Restoration entail?

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There are varying degrees of restoration, whether a maintenance service, conserving a piece of heritage or returning an item to showroom condition. A vintage watch has character so it's important to preserve its past whilst ensuring it is reliable, readable and, above all, wearable. To this end I source original watch parts from all over the world and hold a stock of spares in order to ensure authenticity. Original reference material is also used to attain the original look and specification of the watch. 


From first contact we can discuss your individual requirements, and shortly after receipt I will provide a detailed estimate on that basis. Upon your approval the watch will be completely disassembled, cleaned, reassembled (fitting any replacement parts as required), oiled, adjusted and tested. At your discretion the case can be cleaned, refinished and a new strap of your choice fitted, which we can discuss during initial contact.


Watch brands we restore include, but are by no means limited to; Omega, Longines, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Rolex, Movado, Breitling, Doxa, Tissot, Cyma, Tavannes, IWC, Roamer, Buren, Helvetia, JW Benson, Eterna, Zenith, Seiko and many others. 


To start the process of bringing your old-timer back to life, please email info@allinthebalance.co.uk attaching pictures if possible, or alternatively, call us on 07936 049262.

This watch came in with stunning potential. The discolouration of the 14ct gold case indicated it had been unused for decades. The dial had previously been refinished but had been done incorrectly as this model is neither an Oyster or an Imperial as stated, however the case, dial and movement did start life together. The lyre shaped case shoulders had been bent out of shape to take a more standard 18mm strap, with a wire soldered between to hold them. The movement was seized after years of neglect.


Research was required to find the correct original dial finish, not easy on such an unusaul model! The shoulders of the case were re-aligned to the orignal 17mm width and adjusted to the correct angle; the strap wires were removed which gave the added beneift of a much greater strap choice (a luxurious Alligator strap being selected); the case was refinished ensuring the profile angles were maintained and a genuine vintage Rolex dustproof crown was fitted to replace a later generic example. The Ultra Prima calibre 710 movement was fully overhauled, the balance poised and regulated, and now keeps excellent time. A very satisfying restoration and a breathtaking result.

More restorations can be seen on our facebook page

1940 Rolex "Solar Aqua"

Gifted to the owners Uncle in 1940, possibly as he left Eaton's department store where he worked, Solar Aqua models were Rolex Oysters rebranded  by Eaton's. For more pictures of this interesting watch please visit;  https://www.facebook.com/pg/allinthebalance.co.uk/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1974962049416315


1961 Omega Constellation

Originally purchased by the owner's Grandfather, this beautiful Omega had seen better days. The bezel was cracked, the movement barely running with rust and wear present throughout. A thorough overhaul, correct Omega crown, refinish to the case in line with the repaired original bezel and the watch is back to its best, fitted to a "Goldfinger" style NATO strap.

1943 Longines 6B/159 RAF issue watch

The original cases for this type of watch waere made from a very lightweight alloy which became worn over the years. This watch suffered the same fate as many, and a shoulder snapped. Taken into a watchmaker sometime in the seventies or eighties the original case was replaced with a plated brass example from a donor. The client asked for the watch to be restored to working order, but after discussion we agreed it was worth restoring to how his Father wore it during the war. We sourced an original Longines 6b/159 case, overhauled the movement, replaced the later crown with an original, fitted a period correct strap and the finished watch is stunning, and just as it should be. For more details of this restoration, please visit our Facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/pg/allinthebalance.co.uk/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2062984270614092

1951 Rolex Oyster Royal

My preference is always for originality, but sometimes practicality must be allowed for. The dial of this Rolex was readable, but it looked rough, the luminescence had bled and the lacquer was pretty poor. Mechanically it had a broken balance staff and escape wheel, although the case was fine. It was agreed a sympathetic dial restoration was required, so with the movement overhauled, the case lightly cleaned and tidied, and a new "Goldfinger" style NATO strap fitted it's a beautiful Rolex once more.

c.1953 Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox

Whilst discussing the repair of another watch, a client mentioned he'd always loved the Memovox, and would I be able to source one. A couple of days later I'd found one at auction, contacted the client and discussed restoration requirements. The dial clearly needed doing, the case needed a sympathetic restoration, the movement had to be overhauled, and the horrendous seventies exbanding bracelet was consigned to the bin and replaced with a beautiful tobacco coloured genuine alligator strap to complement the subtle aging to the dial.

1938 Breitling chronograph

We were contacted by the original owners Grandson who asked if this stunning watch could be restored. It has the RAF crest and 1939 engraved into the case back from when he enlisted, and he survived the war having flown throughout in various theatres.

Missing the bezel, glass, and five of the original hands, we knew it would be a challenge to get the watch close to how it was originally. Fortunately, through the wonders of modern technology, we were able to find a blurred picture from the 1938 Breitling catalogue illustrating this model. From that we could just about make out the required bezel shape and correct hands as those fitted were mismatched and just didn't look right for the period or quality of the watch. We then hunted through our spares of original period hands for the correct size and style, and managed to source a case which had exactly the bezel shape required and amazingly was the correct diameter. The bezel fitted securely without any adjustment, nothing short of miraculous! The movement was overhauled, a new period correct leather strap was fitted, and the watch was back to its original best. 

For more pictures and details of this restoration please visit our facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/pg/allinthebalance.co.uk/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2009376442641542


More restorations can be seen on our facebook page

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